Department Badge Corning Police Department

The Corning Police Department is responsible for law enforcement services within the city limits. However, like many departments, we have come to realize the need for a comprehensive approach to maintaining law and order. We actively reach out to the public through volunteer programs, youth sports activities, a full-time high school resource officer, an active cadet program, and the construction & improvement of local parks and playground facilities to improve the quality of life.

The City of Corning is growing alongside other Northern California communities. Our goal is to maintain the high quality of service that we provide now. Good police work is made up of many things, including quick response time, thorough investigations and positive community relations.

For further information on crime statistics, please contact Tom Watson.

To report a crime that is occurring, or has occurred within the limits of the City of Corning, call 530-824-7000.

To report a crime in progress, or a police, fire or medical emergency, dial 911.